1. Analog Mixed Signal IP - SerDes

Analog IP blocks include Operational Amplifiers, Analog-to-Digital Converters, Digital-to-Analog Converters, Phase-locked Loops, Delay-locked Loops, SerDes, Transceivers, Filters, Voltage References, Radio Frequency Modules, Voltage Regulators and Analog Comparators. Data Converters are also quite viable as IP functions.

A SerDes is a pair of functional blocks commonly used in high speed communications to compensate for limited input / output. These blocks convert data between serial data and parallel interfaces in each direction.

2. Memory / SRAM - Custom and Compilers

We have expertise to provide high-quality ROM, SRAM, and Register File Memory Compilers, available from 180nm down to 7nm in various foundries and process variants.

These Memory Compilers are optimised for high-density and low-power, while providing absolute flexibility and great granularity, which offer the designers with the capacity to find the optimal trade-off between performance, power and area.

3. I/O Interface - DDR, GPIO

DDR SDRAM is currently the popular memory of choice. Designers looking to save system power are moving towards DDR2 SDRAM, which uses a lower 1.8-V I/O voltage compared to the DDR SDRAM I/O voltage of 2.5 V.

GPIO pins are used on system-on-chip (SOC) circuits, which include a processor, memory, and external interfaces all on a single chip. These pins allow these chips to be configured for different purposes and work with several types of components.

4. Technology Expertise