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GateLength Technology Private Limited has in its core strong, industry-leading domain expertise in Semiconductor Design Services, Cloud and Mobile IT / Software Application Development, being headquartered in the Indian IT capital, Bengaluru.

Ever since our inception in 2014, we have demonstrated our proficiency in the design of SoC and ASIC verticals with the latest technology nodes in VLSI. Our IT Services vertical has also been growing significantly over the past year. It goes without saying that we aspire to build a sustainable network of highly-skilled professionals that can meet the increasing demands of the industry..

GateLength always endeavours to offer comprehensive solutions customised to best suit the needs of its customers at the lowest turnaround time possible.

We can proudly proclaim that none of our clients had a frown across their faces ever.

Leadership Team!

GateLength Technology co-founders - Mubarak N Zhad , CEO and Amit H.L., COO - come with over 30 years of industry experience, apart from more than a decade of management experience in the Semiconductor industry. Our handpicked engineering professionals possess diverse experience in ASIC Design, Analog / SerDes and Software Development.


Mubarak's stellar career spans over a decade-and-a-half, including stints at Spike, ARM, IBM and Montalvo Systems. An Electrical Electronics engineer from VTU, Bangalore, his key interest areas are Layout/ Mask Design, Standard Cell Library Development, Memory compilers and Customer Core Macros for Processors. Mubarak is at the forefront of the Semiconductor business at GateLength.


Amit is a semiconductor industry professional, having associated with Spike, ARM, Cypress and LSI Corporation. An IIM, Calcutta alumnus with a Bachelors in Electronic & Communication Engineering from NERIST, Itanagar, he is passionate about Analog IP SerDes, Memories and Standard Cells across multiple technology nodes. Amit is leading the Software/IT Services operations at GateLength.


Rahim Abdulla, Associate Director- Engineering, has 14 years of experience through his association from Broadcom, Netlogic and Qualcore Logic. An Electronics & Communication Engineering graduate from JNTU, Hyderabad, he has expertise in Analog & Mixed Signal and Memory Compiler Layouts with the latest technology nodes- 7nm/10nm. He possesses strong expertise in Memory and Analog Mixed Signal Layout.